Vascular Reconstruction As Erectile Dysfunction Treatment


Vascular reconstruction surgery involves either repairing the arterial blockages to improve blood flow into the penis or reducing the venous leakage of the penis.

Penile arterial revascularization is a procedure designed to keep blood flowing by rerouting it around blocked or injured vessels. Typically it is indicated only for a young man (less than the age of forty-five) they have no known risk factors for atherosclerosis. This surgery aimed at correcting any vessel injury at the base of the penis caused by blunt trauma or pelvic fracture.

In contrast, venous ligation surgery focuses on binding leaky penile veins that are causing penile rigidity to diminish during erections. Venous occlusion (which is necessary for sufficient firmness) depends on arterial blood flow and relaxation of the spongy tissue in the penis. However long-term success rate of the surgery is less than fifty percent.

Future treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

And virtually every other disease gene therapy for ED is being widely studied by scientists and could provide a longer-lasting treatment for men. The question is what percentage of ED is related to faulty genetics. My belief is that very little of ED is linked to defective genes although future research should be able to tell us more.

Scientists are also exploring if an agent made from spider venom could lead to the development of new drugs for ED. Because certain poisonous spider releases a substance from its bite, it apparently triggers priapism, which is a painfully prolonged erection, typically lasting for five hours or more.


Helpful Tips

Well, let’s just have a summary of some tips that may be able to reduce the risk or incidence of ED:

  • Exercise and maintaining a healthy weight;
  • Stop smoking tobacco and marijuana;
  • Avoid alcohol and substance abuse. Men should consume two alcohol alcoholic beverages a day if more – it will cause harm;
  • Maintain healthy blood glucose and cholesterol levels;
  • Control high blood pressure;
  • Take steps to reduce your stress. Suggestions include yoga, meditation, or starting a new fun low-stress hobby;
  • Get truly restful sleep at night;
  • Be cautious when bike riding long distances;
  • And finally get help for anxiety or depression.

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