Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I post my art on

Yes! is open to artists of all styles and ages. There is no need to contact Simply create an account and post your art at your leisure.

2. How much does it cost to join

It costs nothing. is free.

3. What are the benefits of becoming a member? member artists can post up to 10 works of original art for free. Member artists can also sell their artwork for free (i.e. no commission is taken) or exchange art with fellow artists. In addition, members are provided a personal profile page where they can include an artist statement, a link to their personal webpage, and be contacted by gallery viewers.

4. How many works of art can I post on

Member artists can post up to ten works of original art on

5. Can I sell my artwork on

Yes. If you are 18 years or older you can sell your art on

6. Does take a commission on artwork I sell on the site?

No. does not take a commission or make any money on sales you transact through

7. What does it mean to “do commissioned work”?

“Doing commissioned work” means that you are willing to create a specific work of art for a viewer at that viewer’s request.

8. Do I forfeit any intellectual property rights in my artwork when I post on

No. Artists retain all intellectual property rights in their artwork.

9. May I post works by artists other than myself?

No. Member artists may only post works of their own creation on

10. What image file formats are accepted by supports GIF, JPEG and PNG image files.

11. How can I estimate the cost of international shipping?

The US Postal Service has a rate calculator which allows you to estimate international shipping charges.

12. Why am I getting a “Login Failed” message when I try to log in to my account?

First, make sure you have created an account. If you have not received an e-mail from with your username and password, you have not created an account. Second, remember that your username is your full email address, not only the characters that come before the “@” symbol. Also, passwords are case sensitive. Try re-typing in your username and password. If you continue to have difficulties, please e-mail us at contact@anioman.

13. What is an AniOman Portal?

AniOman Portals are windows onto art in the gallery. These portals can be placed in your webpage, MySpace profile, blog, etc. Your AniOman Artist Portal is a great way to bring your art to a larger audience. Additionally, your AniOman Favorites Portal showcases your favorite works by other artists in the gallery. Artists may consent to having their works shown in AniOman Favorites Portals when they create their account, or by updating their “My Account” page. To see an example of an AniOman Portal in action, go to

14. What is the AniOman Art Exchange?

The AniOman Art Exchange is a feature that enables member artists to exchange art with each other. Participating artists have an “exchange art with me” link on their Profile Page. Clicking on that link records that you would like to exchange art with that artist. If two artists each indicate that they would like to exchange art with the other, then there is a “match.” Once a “match” is made, contacts each artist letting them know that an exchange may be possible and putting the artists in contact. Exchanging art, however, is optional. A “match” does not bind artists to exchanging art with each other.