About AniOman

AniOman.com is an online art center: gallery, liason between artists and art spaces, and social network, all in one.

The AniOman Gallery reproduces the experience of viewing art in a physical gallery, but online. AniOman.com is a place where art-lovers come to browse art at their leisure – and buy a work if they like. Rather than being overwhelmed by dozens of works of art listed down a scrollable page, visitors can view the AniOman.com gallery one work at a time. AniOman.com provides an exciting, dynamic, and ever-growing viewing experience.

Artists join AniOman.com for free. Once becoming a member, artists can display and sell their works of original art for free. Member artists have a personal profile page where they can share information about themselves and their art, be contacted, and link to their personal web page. AniOman member artists can also exchange art via the AniOman Art Exchange.

Additionally, AniOman member artists are provided with AniOman Portals. AniOman Portals are windows onto member art that can be placed in websites such as personal webpages or MySpace profiles. Artists can display both their own art and the works of their favorite consenting artists.

Art spaces such as galleries, community centers, and cafes can also join the AniOman community. Membership allows art spaces to review new talent and communicate directly with artists, providing important feedback and showcasing opportunities.

We appreciate hearing from AniOman users. Please tell what you think about the website.

For questions, comments, and suggestions please use the form provided here or send us an e-mail at contact@anioman.com.

To report works you believe infringe a copyright, please use the form provided here or send us an e-mail at copyright@anioman.com.

To report works you believe have inappropriate content, please use the form provided here or send us an e-mail at concerns@anioman.com.