What Are Boils and How to Treat Them


Today I want to talk about boils, about abscesses. I do sympathize with everybody that has boils and abscesses because they are very painful. And most boils and abscesses are encapsulated under the skin, and they do hurt particularly in areas where there is a constant contact. So for instance in the bikini area, or the crotch, or the butt. You get boils anywhere in the body, they came not only on your face, but they can also come on your back, under your armpit.

A lot of boils come because of infected ingrown hairs. They get infected and cannot grow correctly. There are many reasons why hair can cause an infection. Ingrown hair can get out and then particularly with people who have curly hair, so it comes out and then goes back into the skin. Whereas it goes back to the skin, it curls up; it has been outside already, it’s infected, it picked up dust. We sweat, we perspire, there’s moisture, all kinds of stuff in your underwear, trousers and so bacteria goes back in and then with the hair goes back under the skin. And if that doesn’t come out, it becomes a boil and becomes very painful. For all of the black men, this happens on the back of the head. But for a lot of women it occurs in the bikini area, it also happens between the legs. For a lot of people, it happens on the butt and back.

So the question is what can you do, what should you do, how should you go about it. If you get boils on a regular basis, then you should understand that there’s something wrong with you internally. If a boil comes out on your bikini area where there is pubic hair, we know it’s the hair is the culprit and the answer for that would be – get rid of the culprit. The culprit there is the hair. The laser is the only way to get rid of the hair, are the only way to get rid of the abscesses and the boils because you get rid of the reason, the cause of it, you will no longer have abscesses.

But there are boils that people get on their butt, between the legs, not a bikini, lower down on their thighs. This is a way of your body talking to you and telling you something is wrong in your body, and the body is trying to get rid of the toxins. A boil is full of pus; it is inflamed, it’s infected, it’s excruciating. But how did it become this way? It’s because very often the body will try to get rid of this bacteria, of this pus, of this infection, of this toxin set in the system, and it will throw it out. And wherever it finds an exit, it will come out. So it will come out through the skin, and since the pores are not wide open, it’s not able to come out, it will just create like a mountain, boil, and it’s all stuck there, and it’s excruciating.


I will give you two suggestions, but you follow one and then if that one doesn’t work then you have to see a doctor. So if you have these boils, you can google, there is an ointment in America, it’s called Ichthammol. And you clean the area; you put a little bit of the cream, then you put gauze. And you put enough cloth, three-four pieces so that the ointment doesn’t come out because it will absorb in the gauze. But you don’t want it to go on your clothes, so you want to cover it sufficiently, so it doesn’t lose out and dirty your clothes. You can do it for three-four days, twice a day, morning and evening. This ointment draws the pus out, it takes and pulls the bacteria out and kills the bacteria.

Within five days that boil should be out, and it should start drying and be flat. And if it doesn’t come out within five days then you need to see a doctor. It can be any doctor or a nurse practitioner. And they will inject a corticosteroid, just a tiny bit, with a little needle they go in there, and the corticosteroid is injected.  It’s cortisone, it’s an anti-inflammatory agent, and that will reduce the boil and get rid of the inflammation. And within a week it will shrink and disappear.