Vascular Reconstruction As Erectile Dysfunction Treatment


Vascular reconstruction surgery involves either repairing the arterial blockages to improve blood flow into the penis or reducing the venous leakage of the penis.

Penile arterial revascularization is a procedure designed to keep blood flowing by rerouting it around blocked or injured vessels. Typically it is indicated only for a young man (less than the age of forty-five) they have no known risk factors for atherosclerosis. This surgery aimed at correcting any vessel injury at the base of the penis caused by blunt trauma or pelvic fracture.

In contrast, venous ligation surgery focuses on binding leaky penile veins that are causing penile rigidity to diminish during erections. Venous occlusion (which is necessary for sufficient firmness) depends on arterial blood flow and relaxation of the spongy tissue in the penis. However long-term success rate of the surgery is less than fifty percent.

Future treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

And virtually every other disease gene therapy for ED is being widely studied by scientists and could provide a longer-lasting treatment for men. The question is what percentage of ED is related to faulty genetics. My belief is that very little of ED is linked to defective genes although future research should be able to tell us more.

Scientists are also exploring if an agent made from spider venom could lead to the development of new drugs for ED. Because certain poisonous spider releases a substance from its bite, it apparently triggers priapism, which is a painfully prolonged erection, typically lasting for five hours or more.


Helpful Tips

Well, let’s just have a summary of some tips that may be able to reduce the risk or incidence of ED:

  • Exercise and maintaining a healthy weight;
  • Stop smoking tobacco and marijuana;
  • Avoid alcohol and substance abuse. Men should consume two alcohol alcoholic beverages a day if more – it will cause harm;
  • Maintain healthy blood glucose and cholesterol levels;
  • Control high blood pressure;
  • Take steps to reduce your stress. Suggestions include yoga, meditation, or starting a new fun low-stress hobby;
  • Get truly restful sleep at night;
  • Be cautious when bike riding long distances;
  • And finally get help for anxiety or depression.

You can also take male enhancement supplement, presented on this site to improve your erectile function. You can even treat your erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation with these natural herbal pills, of course, if ED is not in a severe stage.

Phallosan Penis Enlargement Device Review

Are you looking for Phallosan penis enlargement device review? Well, you came to the right place. Here, we will give you the review of this penis enlargement device. Let’s start.

What Is It?

The Phallosan is one of the most useful tools for penis enhancement. It is rightfully so. Why? Because the company has fourteen years of experience, physician tests, scientific studies.

And now, Phallosan is considered as the best penis extender. This is due to its smart design that gives a very comfortable experience. Although it is not Phallosan main aim, it also helps to improve thickness. It also can assist in fixing the curvature and treat erectile dysfunction.

If you use the device, you will have an increased level of erection quality. Also, orgasm strength. This is happening because the tool enhances blood circulation in the manhood.

A principle agent to be noted is that Phallosan is very comfortable. Because of this, it can be worn hours. It is also pain-free too.

How Does Phallosan Work?

Yeah, how does it work? Let us explain. The Phallosan extends the girth and the length of the penis. This is done using pain-free, firm and advanced pressure through its system, via a pump, glass bell, and force strap.

First, you need to place your penis head into small protector cover that is included. Use the cap to preclude malaise.

Then, pump to make a soft tension, creating a comfy little vacuum.

And finally, attach the device to the bottom of your organ, around your buttocks. This will create a continuous tension, slowly stretching the member to expand it.

By making this pressure, you are broadening the band of the member. This causes little tears, which cause the body to create new cells and tissue.

This process can enhance erections as well as increase hardness. If you have erectile dysfunction, this will improve your condition.

Does It Really Work?

Now, an essential question: does it work? The short answer is yes. In fact, it works very well.

Any body part exposed to prolonged stimuli or tension will adjust and enlarge. The penis included.

And that is our Phallosan penis enlargement device review. The method is very popular. It is not surprising, as the instrument brings real result. If you want to increase your penis size, you may want to try Phallosan.

Beside penis extender we recommend you to take male enhancement pills. They will improve your penis enlargement results. You should choose only those pills that have best herbal ingredients in it; they also may contain vitamins, mineral, and amino acids like L-arginine. Also, don’t forget to read reviews on the Internet before buying such pills. You should make sure that male enhancement supplement won’t cause you any negative side effect or adverse reaction.

Male Pattern Baldness. My Story

Male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness is something nobody wants, but due to our genetics, 2/3 of guys will see it in their lives. 40% of guys will start seeing it in their mid-thirties where a 65% start seeing it in their sixties. However, I fall into the 18% of people, who start developing it early, and for me, that was at the age of 19. My hair began to thin out over the next few years, mainly I had a receding hairline. But only when I was 21, I started noticing a visible difference, especially when being in the shower or was using the product in my hair, I just saw clumps of hair starting to come out, and it is a bit scary. There were also around this time when I realized it wasn’t just a receding hairline; it was going from the crown of my head, all the way to my mid-scalp region. This was when I started wearing beanies regularly because I didn’t want to go outside and feel self-conscious about my ever-growing balding head that people would be looking at me and like laughing or making a comment about it. So, I thought if I just cover it and leave it hopefully, one day it will just fix itself, which of course it didn’t.

I remember the day when it got too much for me; I noticed how bad my head had gotten. That day I thought enough is enough and I needed to get this sorted, so I booked in with a private specialist the following morning, who would assess my head and let me know if any treatments could be done. She looked over my head, and she recommended that I get a hair transplant. And just in case you’re thinking it, I didn’t get a hair transplant. So that you know.

hair transplant

Now, my second visit to the specialist, this is when they would go into more detail about how many hair follicles I need to be moved and how much it was going to cost. So, after looking over my head, they then said I needed to transfer 2,500 hairs from the back to the front of my head. Now, I know that sounds like quite a lot, but you got to bear in mind that in our heads we have around about 100,000 hair follicles.

After a second meeting, I wanted to go for a second opinion to make sure everything I was doing was correct. I mean, the whole procedure would have cost quite a lot of money, and for that much cash, I wanted to make sure that everything was going to be correct because I just wanted to save waver I had left. And so I went to a different clinic, and I spoke with a surgeon, who had performed many hair transplants himself, to assess my head and make sure everything was all fine. He suggested I didn’t get a transplant. He looked over my head, and I explained to him that I wanted to get a hair transplant and then to my surprise he said to me “if you get a hair transplant, you’re going to go bald quicker.” I will explain you this a little bit better, when you have a hair transplant, they take up the hair follicles from the back and move it to the front. Then that hair follicle dies off and then regrow, thus having new hair. But with me, for example, as I’ve still got a built hair up there, by stitching in new hair follicles and then killing it off, it will then kill off all the other existing hair follicles I have up there. And then that won’t regrow when the new hair follicle does, thus making me balder.


After hearing that news, it was kind of bittersweet. Because on the one hand, it was fantastic that I wouldn’t have to pay thousands of pounds for a procedure, which just wouldn’t work and have anything make it worse. But then, on the other hand, I was still very worried about what I have to do regarding my hair because my hair was still falling out rapidly. I started to get teary-eyed in his office because I couldn’t think of any other solution but then he said the sweet words of “we won’t be able to get it all back, but we’ll be able to get most of it back.” He explained that the old hair follicles in my head were falling out, but the new hair follicles were growing in but very very slowly, thus making my hair look balder and thinner. He then said if you want to see the hair regrow then you going to have to start taking medication, which is Finasteride. You should take it every single day.

You won’t see noticeable differences until after around about three or four months. And doctor recommends that you take photos after each month so that you can see the progress. I’ve been taking it now for over seven months, and the results are being fantastic like it’s built up my self-confidence again. I don’t need to wear any beanies anymore, and it doesn’t break the bank, there are zero side effects, and it’s now just part of my daily routine. And even getting the medication it’s simple, I don’t need to go to a doctor to get anything signed off, I don’t need to go to another clinic or anything, I can do it straight from their website and get it delivered to my door.